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Overview of old tapes, cassettes and reels that we can digitize, transfer or convert


Akai VT-30 Video Cassette Akai VK-30 Video Cassette for VT-300 Video Cassette Recorder. The VK-30 looked similar to a Betamax cassette
 Akai VT-5A spoel

Akai Video reel VT-5 / VT-6 / VT-6H / VT-7 VT-10 / Basf FV 26 AE /

Scotch 361 / Maxell VT-7B / for the VT-100 / VT-110 / VT-120 / VT-700, The Akai VT150 is the color version oh the VT series.

Akai 90 min video reell

Akai VT-700  1/4"   B/W Video Tape Open Reel

Bosch-1  Bosch-1" Openreel 1-inch-BCN Bosch1" for the BCN 51/52 1 inch Type BBL 91E. PAL & NTSC
Funai CVC Compact Video Cassette 

Funai / Technicolor / Grundig / Siemens FZ 4500 / Universum / Uher CVC (Compact Video Cassette) Micro Video V30E / V45E / V60E / VE30 / VE45 / VE60

Grundig SVC 

SV / Super Video for the Grundig SVR 4004 / ITT 241 The Cassettes were often from BASF of AGFA and from Chromdioxid, VC60 / VC130 / SVC4 240 min LVC / VC,

JVC Nivico Reel 

JVC Video Reel for the JVC Nivico KV-350 Solid State Video Tape Recorder

DigitalS D9 

Digital-S D9 Video Cassette for JVC BR-85E Digital S (D9 Formaat)

IVC reel

IVC 1" Open reel


JVC / Philips DVHS Videoband SVHS VHS mini VHSC  NTSC & PAL, SP / LP / EP    The VHS tapes had lenghts of E5, E10, E15, E30, E45, E60, E90, E120, E180, E240, E300 


Perfo tape / Perforated Audio Magnetic Tape for 16mm & 35mm Film

   16mm Perfotape

17.5mm Perfotape

   35mm Perfotape


Philips D6 Voodoo  /  Toshiba HD600T L64

HD600T  M-28  D6 /   Gigabit recorder Uncompressed HD



Panasonic D5C124L  /  Fujifilm D5C124L


AJ-D5C124LP          /  D5001

Philips VC-60 

Philips VC-30 VC-45 VC-60 voor de N 1500 / N 1502 / 1512 VCR


Scotch LVC 30, LVC 60, LVC 90, LVC 120, LVC 130, LVC150, LVC 180, for Philips N 1700 / N1702 serie or for Grundig 4004.

Shibaden Videoreel

Shibaden openreel / Video reel

Sony EV-310 open reel 

Sony 1" EV-310 1 inch reel to reel recorder (1968)

 Philips LDL-1000 Reel

 Philips LDL-1000 / Grundig bk-100 Video reel

Philips VPL 8in 0C

1" Reel for Philips LDL-1250 / LDL-1200 1 Inch VTR

VPL 8 in 0C, EL 1912/00, Scotch 388, Agfa PEV 385, NV-P290

Philips VPL 8 in IC

Philips EL-3402 Video Reel 1" / VPL 8 in IC / Pyral V2F / Agfa

VCC Video 2000 Cassette 

VCC Video 2000 Cassette Tape / Philips / ITT / Grundig / Erres / Video 2000  VCC De Cassettes zijn VCC 120, VCC 240, VCC 360, VCC 480,

Sony High Density Video Tape

High Density tape from Sony for helical scan video tape recorders.

Sony High Density Video Tape V-32 / V 60H / V-61 / V-62 EIAJ ½ inch for Sony AV-3670 Open reel recorder.

Also we can transfer the NTSC version of the av series videotape ( openreel.)

Sony High Density Video Tape V-62 

Sony CV-2100 Reel to Reel V-30H / V-32 / V60 / V-61 / V-62


Sony 1" C formaat open reel also named 1 inch Ampex. For Sony BVH-2000p/s

Sony D1 Digital Video Cassette 

Sony Digital D1 Digital Video Cassette for Sony /Bosch / BTS, D1 Format Uncompressed Component digital 4:2:2 PAL & NTSC D1S-6 / D1M-12A / D1M-22A / D1M-34A / D1L-76A / D1L-94A / Quantegy D1V /


Sony Digital D2 Cassette for Sony DVR-18 / Ampex D2 Format Composite Digital VCR D2M-6M / D2S-6M / D2L-126M / D2L-156M / D2L-188M / D2L-208M /  

Betamax videi cassette

Sony Betamax Cassette for SLO-325 (Speed BI) NTSC

Betamax videi cassette 

Sony Betamax Band for SLT-50ME BII / BIII  NTSC / PAL

Betamax Cassettes L 125, L 250, L 500, L 750, TDK HD PRO, 

Video8 H8 Digital8 

Sony Video8 Hi8 Digital8 NTSC en PAL

U-Matic SP BVU SP Video cassette 

Sony U-Matic SP / BVU SP. PAL & NTSC

Prostab Promatic Video Cassette (see Videosystems)

DVCam Cassette 

Sony PDV-184N / PDVM-12N Video cassette for DSR-1800P DVCam Recorder / DV en DV-Cam both PAL and NTSC



Sony Micro MV 

Sony Micro MV Sony Handycam DCR-IP7E Micro MW

 Beta sp

Beta SP / Betacam SP for Sony MSW-2100p Plays Betacam-sp / Beta-SX / MPeg IMX / Digital Betacam both PAL and NTSC

Betacam SX


Beta SX / Betacam SX for Sony MSW-2100p Plays Betacam-sp / Beta-SX / MPeg IMX / Digital Betacam both PAL and NTSC

MPEG-IMX cassette

MPEG IMX / Beta IMX for Sony MSW-2100p Playes Betacam-sp / Beta-SX / MPeg IMX / Digital Betacam both PAL and NTSC


Digi Beta Cassette

 DigiBeta Tape / Digital Betacam Cassette

 Sony XDCam HD Disc

Sony XDCam HD Disc  for PDW-F70 Pal & NTSC

C7975A m



Files reading and copying LTO Data Cartridge
08L9120 IBM, HP C7972A, HP C7975A, TDK D2404-50, Dell LTO5,
IBM LTO Ultrium, Quantum LTO-5 MR L5MQN-01 Maxell 229323,
Fujifilm LTO-5 WORM tape cartridges, Imation 27627, 61857 TDK,
Sony LTX1500G IBM 46X1290, Tandberg Data 433 958,
Tandberg Data 433955,