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DVD & Blu Ray Productions

Your company presentation on DVD

DVD and CD-ROM are replacing traditional media carriers rapidly. Especially because the now fully interactive movies on can be placed on DVD. DVD has become a powerful presentation medium on which a large amount of information can be presented to your clients on a very efficient way.

Training on DVD

DVD also is a very powerful medium to provide training and education: you can show your trainingmaterial to a very wide audience with outstanding sound and image quality. Artisan can provide you with all the knowledge and needs to produce your training on DVD!

Advantages of DVD

  • Fully interactive menus
  • Very compact
  • 2 hours of high quality video on just one disk
  • Less chance of damage on the media carrier
  • No sticky tapes anymore
  • Digital quality without any loss at duplication


We can duplicate your CD, CD-ROM and DVD. Our prices are very compatitive and our service is real quick!!

Short summary of our services:

  • CD duplication
  • CD-Rom duplication
  • DVD duplication
  • DVD-Rom duplication
  • Duplicating and "pressing"of DVD and CD Rom

Old Commercial /TV Commercials /STER / Archive

Artisan owns all commercials the Dutch STER broadcasted from March ยด76 until February 1998. An archive of about 30.000 commercials.

We have archived them on: product / service / title / advertiser / date / STER number / producer/ contracter.

Artisan transfers formats Super 8, single 8, Regular 8, with or without sound to Digibeta, Betacam/sp, DVCPRO, DigitalS DVD, MiniDV Digital8 SVHS VHS and external harddrive ,HDD,35mm to High Definition 1920x1080 HD 16mm to High Definition 1920x1080 HD 8mm to High Definition 1920x1080 HD