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Artisan Video Amsterdam / Amstelveen

16mm & 35mm Films 4K digitalising / Scanning and transferring or Duplication

16mm en 35mm film to 4K scanning, transferring and duplicating.

Artisan has 35 years of experience in scanning and duplicating old media material to VCR and DVD. For consumers and for the commercial market. We work for various broadcasters, musea and other professional organisations where absolute quality is the main requirement.

We are capable of transferring full video archives to tapes or other media carriers. We've got a wide dealer network where you can deliver your 8mm, 16mm or 35mm films. Artisan is also capable of transferring very old videosystems, including Shibaden SV700, Sony AV3670 CE, Philips 1500/1700, BCN, 1" C format, Akai VT 110 and  Philips VCC 2000 to VCR or DVD. Our latest systems are Betacam sx, Digitalbetacam, Digibeta,  XDcam HD,  HDCamSR,
Betacam SX, Mpeg imx, Blu-Ray, as well as Pal als Ntsc, for recording and play-back.


One of our original Sony TeleCine Scanners

Our Rank Cintel C-Reality CVIP
The only (!) C-Reality HD /Data scanner in the Netherlands

Cintel C-reality HD Scanner

 MWA MB 51 MWA MB-51

MWA MB 51 Perforated Tape Machine for transferring 16mm / 17.5mm and 35mm Perfotape


Old Commercial /TV Commercials /STER / Archive

Artisan owns all commercials the Dutch STER broadcasted from March ยด76 until February 1998. An archive of about 30.000 commercials.

We have archived them on: product / service / title / advertiser / date / STER number / producer/ contracter.